Sample WebBIZcards


The template for these WebBIZcard URLs would orginate at a common, external server.  Within minutes of installing WebBIZcard, a domain owner will be able to issue hundreds to thousands of WebBIZcard for his users, using his own domain name. The preferred syntax for WebBIZcard URLs are "", and the named user usually has a set of these, with the "/profile" name frequently reflecting the webpage's content. "" syntax can also be used, but is less flexible and less efficient.

A WebBIZcard is more than just a branded, pretty URL webpage. Some of its features are:

  1. Webpages' data in final (not beta) version will be exchangeable XML which can create markets and communities
  2. Webpages data can update other websites, which is useful for managing multiple social networking sites, Craiglist items listings, employment websites' resume updates, dating profiles, and more
  3. Users can choose file suffix names ("/profile") so as to provide additional limited privacy
  4. User can select which webpage-URLs are shown on the top menu and keep others private
  5. It's your preferred domain name, and its your privately controlled data