How can vanity URLs enhance eCommerce?

eCommerce, presently usually restricted to second-level domains. After the data is inputted into a secondary domain, it is very difficult to transfer such data to another domain. For example, after products are entered into eBay, an eBay user cannot easily transfer his products for his sale to other websites.

Using vanity URLs instead, an individual inputs his products or services into his own preferred second level domain name, arranging such products or services using URLs' file suffixes. His or her URLs' contain XML data, which enable quick exchange of data.

For example, an individuals' Joe own vanity URLs at his domain, for example,, results in,, and Joe uses and in his business emails to advise of his products and services. And, he can input his into an eBay-like domain to automatically auction his products. Joe also uses in his personal emails, to advise his friends he has numerous items in his garage they can buy or have. At the same time, he can input into a Craigslist-like website, that automatically offers his products in an online classifeds.

The result is that Joe now can quickly enter into new markets to sell, and additionally, can sell by verbally or email advising his friends and business associates of his products and services.