What can WebBIZcards Do?

Click this link for a diagram that explains the difference between WebBIZcard and present technology


Probably the best form of individuals' digital representation and communications method. WebBIZcards' preferred URL syntax "Name.Domain.com/profile" is:

  • verbally communicable
  • unique, unlike regular names
  • URL are already understood in 99% of all languages
  • digitally manageable
  • concise and shows a group affiliation
  • contains privacy controls through user-changeable file suffixes
  • useful as email links, business card addresses, on print materials, OpenID URL
  • URLs are already useful with most modern Information Technology services
  • effectively brands along with affiliated organizational branding
  • even layman can easily exchange information
WebBIZcard URLs are the most effective way to communicate individuals' representation and information.

WebBIZcard can also use www.Domain.com/Name/profile URL syntax can also be used but is less efficient in communications. WebBIZcard can exchange data using both URL syntaxes.

Branding promotions for individuals and associated organizations

Individuals ,while they are promoting their own branded-name URLs, simultaneously promote their associated-affinity organization. For examples:

Steve.IBM.com, promotes himself and IBM
Jane.Educator.org promotes herself and her career
Jack.CoolDude.com promotes his personae
Jill.SaveAnimals.com promotes her support of animal rights

See samples (links to 3 sample WebBIZcards)

Consolidates personal identities to one URL location

Instead of having many web handles and web addresses at numerous websites, particularly social networking websites, WebBIZcard enables one permanent web address that will enable you to link to all the others. See sample here.

Automatically Updates to or Creates Community Websites and Markets, ranging from Craigslist, Linkedin, to Dating, and even New Communities

Incorporates features such as:

WebBIZcards can carry exchangeable data; for example, if the URLs Chen.WebBIZcard.com/resume, Mary.AnyDomainOK.com/work-history , and John.BrandedURLs.com/skills were inputted into NewEmployment.com, Chen's, Mary's, and John's resumes information would be automatically inputted into NewEmployment.com, thus creating a new marketplace. Their resume information can also be automatically inputted into well-known employment websites such as Monster.com or Dice.com.

Similar to the resumes example immediately above, URLs representing products databases can automatically update to Craigslist and eBay. Similarly for dating, dating status databases can automatically update Match.com and others.

Other uses include social networking, classifieds, blogs, industry directories, vertical industries exchanges--anywhere an individual's representation is used. Click these links to learn how WebBIZcard applies for your industry.

Creates New Contact Managers

Why type in contacts information into a standard contact manager (e.g. Outlook). Send a Outlook user one of your WebBIZcard URLs, and he or she will be able to automatically download your URLs' data into his contact manager. For example, Chen sends Chen.WebBIZcard.com/biz to Mark, and Mark inputs this URL into his contact manager; then data from Chen.WebBIZcard.com/biz will download into Mark's contact manager. If Chen sends Chen.WebBIZcard.com/contacts to Jane, Jane load Chen's "/contacts" webpage information into her Outlook.

WebBIZcards are smart, efficient, and easy to communicate and can also exchange data and form communities and markets