Adds to Your Domain Names & Quickly Form New Markets and Communities

Adds WebBIZcard URLs and pages onto Any Existing Domain Names.  The pages added, which uses the existing domain's URL names, can exchange data. These further automate a number of tasks, communicates better, and can create markets and communities.


Simply input a few WebBIZcard URLs into websites receptive to receiving XML data, and voila-a new market. Instead of thousands of items' data needing input, now just tens of URLs' inputted!

New types of markets and communities include:

  • Traditionally, eCommerce sites require extensive, repetitive product data input. With WebBIZcard, a user simply inputs only his vanity URL into an eCommerce site, and the products data are automatically inputted. Multiple users' URLs into a common site creates a new eCommerce market.
  • Dating websites require extensive user data entry input. With WebBIZcard, the user centrally manages his dating information on his preferred domain name, and inputs selected URLs into new dating sites. Within minutes, he will have completed his dating data and be participating in multiple dating communities.
  • Employment websites are straighforward for WebBIZcard. A user keeps his resume with his WebBIZcard URL and simply inputs this URL into an employment website. When multiple users do this, an employment website is created.
  • Likewise for social networking, classifieds, blogs. Contacts management, industry directories, vertical industries--anywhere an individual's representation is used.